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Sweden - Ryukyu Kobudo Kongo Ryu Seminar February 2020

Kobudo Kongo-ryu Sweden

February kobudo seminar

In Sweden we usually have one 1,5 h dedicated kobudo training session per week, therefore it is not easy to a good continuity in the training. Therefore it was nice to have a whole day dedicated to practicing this great ancient martial art. The idea with seminar was to have a full day of training where the students got thorough practicing of the basics of the Bo and an introduction to Tonfa.

The day started with rehearsal of Bo basic techniques. Most of the time was dedicated to practicing the Basic movement 1 - 12. To put the kihon training into a context, we also practiced kihon kata 1 and 2.

Part of the afternoon was dedicated to introduction and training with Tonfa. Starting with basic training such as blocks and strikes. Adding up with different combinations of techniques that are used in the kihon katas for Tonfa. Kihon kata 1 – 3 was practiced and a demonstration of Hamahiga no Tonfa was performed.

Many thanks to all the students that participated and trained both hard and well at the seminar.

Regards // Per Gästgivar, Swedish branch

Kobudo Kongo-ryu Sweden

Kobudo Kongo-ryu Sweden

Kobudo Kongo-ryu Sweden


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